International Center of Outsourcing & Software Studies (ICOSS™) ICOSS™ is the highest form of SQBA institutional partnership and an ideal way to begin a relationship/ partnership with BCI/ SQBA for a university or an institution of higher learning in Technology, Engineering or Business.

International Center of Outsourcing & Software Studies

Most typically, ICOSS™ embed SQBA certifications in the academic programs of their students to improve their employability and offer international undergraduate, masters and even PhD programs facilitated by another BCI-SQBA partner university. Further, ICOSS™ also gets opportunities to participate in international projects. This partnership extends unrivalled advantages of quick and easy access to state-of-the-art knowledge and global networks in addition to a massive boost to the brand image of the partner institution.

How is ICOSS™ License Awarded

ILC™ license is awarded by the BCI/ SQBA Partner Management Group after thorough validation, verification and analysis of the credentials of an applicant institution. Key decision-influencers are history, Vision, nature of contributions, intellectual capabilities and impact potential. Every applicant is requested to fill-in a detailed RFI, after an evaluation of which a decision on license award is taken. Once the license is approved by the PMG, the applicant institution is required to pay a license fee and stock up Certification System Units of a certain minimum value in USD dollars. A Certification System Unit includes a certification examination Voucher and a learning kit.


What are the basic Licensing provisions for ICOSS™?
ICOSS™ license granted to Universities and Institutions - both government & private. ICOSS™ license normally valid for 10 years - please read other details below.

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