The SQBA Partnering Objectives

The SQBA Partner program has been designed to achieve the following objectives:


TRAINING NETWORK EXPANSION: Most of the current BCI academies and university centers are being upgraded into BCI-SQBA facilities to enable them offer SQBA IT certification programs. Indeed, SQBA is also aiming building its own dedicated IT talent development systems & facilities in remote global locations and promote indigenization of training capabilities within nations. These SQBA academies will also be permitted to offer BCI BPO Certification Programs. Most notably, a typical BCI-SQBA Training Partnership can be established within 45-60 days of signup.


SKILLS-ASSESSMENT & CREDENTIALING NETWORK EXPANSION: Rapid establishment & activation of worldclass IT skills-assessment and credentialing systems & facilities even in remote global locations. These assessment centers are equipped with the CREDENT™ 2.0, the BCI-SQBA omnibus system for assessing IT & BPO knowledge. For the records, SQBA helps a partner set up and activate a typical 50-seater authorized SQBA Assessment Center (SAC) within 15 days of infrastructure completion.


IN-COMPANY CERTIFICATION SYSTEM NETWORK EXPANSION: Rapid establishment & activation of Talent Development Centers in important IT & Software companies for certifying IT/software professionals and workforce on the SQBA vendor-neutral qualification framework.