Partnering Code Ethics

The SQBA international Partnering program is unrivalled and unprecedented in its geographical spread, its impact-objectives and the diversity of organizations and business cultures that it seeks to embrace, address, engage and work with. The General SQBA Partnering Codes of Ethics acts as a strong, silken common thread, binding together partner-organizations of all sizes, types and countries into a worldwide network-force committed to empowering the growth of the business process outsourcing industry.

The following are the sacrosanct General Codes of Ethics for SQBA Partners brought into effect by the inaugural SQBA Charter on Ethics in 2010 applicable for all types of partners without exception:


Honesty of Purpose of Partnership: To help guide mutual relationship on the right path and drive collective actions for achievement of Partnership objectives


Commitment to Meeting Partnership Objectives: To help stay focused on what is to be achieved and create the right strategies and plans required for achieving these objectives


Commitment to Generating Sustainable Value for Clients: To ensure complete accountability of vision, strategy and action for driving sustainable results that create value for clients


Transparency in Relationship: To ensure synchronized collaborative functioning and timely management of challenges and also exhibit highest levels of empathy with genuine constraints of and problems of each other’s organizations


Compliance to Norms & Guidelines: To ensure that the organizations retain their character of being ethical and responsible law-abiding global citizens that also respect each-other’s organization, people, brands and business objectives


Commitment to Positive Action & Social Contribution: To ensure that the organizations are above discrimination of all kinds and work in unison to make positive impact on the local societies and communities to which they belong