IT Certifications The current SQBA bouquet includes 9 certification tracks - straddling all important IT practice areas: Software Engineering, Mobile Apps Development, Web Technologies, Cloud Computing, Networking, Software Testing, Database Engineering, and Computer Operations.

SEQI - The Software Engineering & Quality Institute - is now SQBA. All SEQI Certifications are now offered worldwide by SQBA, and branded as SQBA Certifications.

Certified Software Engineer (CSE™)

Software engineers design and develop every software that runs a computer or a gadget and also applications that help us put our computers and gadgets to use.
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Certified Cloud Applications Developer (CCAD™)

Cloud computing delivers computing as a service over the Internet instead of through a product installed inside a our premises.
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Certified Mobile Applications Developer (CMAD™)

Mobile Apps developers design and develop operating systems, interfaces, entertainment, navigation, word processing, office & business applications, performance enhancement and connectivity etc., for mobile platforms.
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