CMAD™ Program Benefits

The CMAD™ program has the following clear benefits


Development Tools and Technologies

Always the first in the world to reflect and embody the latest and the state-of-the-art in mobile technologies as they hit the market – a result of the SQBA’s technology knowledge leadership worldwide. Hence, a CMAD™ certified promises latest knowledge and skillsets on mobile computing & apps development tools and technologies.


Levels of Environment-Versatility

Technology/ environment independence leading to coverage of advanced generic aspects of mobile computing & apps development. Thus, a CMAD‌™ qualified it assures of the highest levels of environment-versatility when it comes to mobile technologies.


Levels of Platform-Versatility

Platform/ language/ vendor neutrality leading to the development of generic cross-platform, cross-vendor skillsets in mobile computing & apps development – again a strong indicator of highest levels of platform-versatility.


International Acceptability

The International validity of CMAD™ certification lends the global employability advantage to ambitious, young professionals.


Rigorous 3rd Party Qualifications

Framed & calibrated on the ground-breaking SQBA framework on vendor neutral and platform independent IT skills – the assessments for CMAD™ certification are extremely rigorous and industry-relevant designed to test generic skills and knowledge. CMAD™ is a certification by a global standards leader and NOT a technology maker or developer – hence carries greatest respect as a Third Party qualification.