Exam Coverage

Assessment Component


Understanding Mobile Development

  • aUnderstanding the Preliminary Requirements
  • bDeciding on Mobile App or Web site
  • cKnowing Basis Concepts of Mobile UI Design
  • dKnowing Different Mobile Development Platforms

Learning Development for Android

  • aLearning the Fundamentals
  • bKnowing about Activities, Fragments, and Intents
  • cUnderstanding Android UI for development
  • dCreating and Using Databases
  • eCreating and Using Content Providers
  • fImplementing Messaging in Android
  • gLocating Places with Android
  • hLearning How to Consume Web and Other Services
  • iPublishing Android Apps
  • jDeveloping Apps Using Eclipse
  • kUsing the Android Emulator

Learning Development for iOS

  • aGetting Started with iOS 5 Programming
  • bLearning Basics of Objective-C
  • cPlaying with Views, Outlets, and Action
  • dHandling Keyboard and Screen
  • eEnabling Multi-Platform Support for the iPhone and iPad
  • fDisplaying and Persisting Data Using the Table View
  • gHandling Files and Storing Data Using SQL Lite
  • hImplementing iCloud Programming
  • iImplementing Audio, Video, and Animations, and Accessing Built-in Apps
  • jImplementing Web Services and Bluetooth Programming
  • kImplementing Pushing Notifications
  • lLocating Places Using Maps
  • mTesting on Actual Devices
  • nGetting Around in Xcode

Learning Development for Windows Phone

  • aLearning Fundamentals of Windows Phone
  • bUnderstanding User Interface and Application Data Storage on Mobile and Cloud
  • cImplementing Push Notifications
  • dPlaying with Web Services
  • eImplementing Graphics, Video, and Audio
  • fAccessing Hardware Components
  • gDeveloping Applications Using Silverlight
  • hPublishing Apps

Learning Cross-Platform Application Development

  • aChoosing the Right Architecture
  • bKnowing the Tools Available for Cross-Platform Application Development
  • cBuilding the Enterprise Applications

Learning Language, Soft Skills, and Developing Recruitment Readiness

  • aKnowing the Role of Language and Impressive Personality in Career Development
  • bLearning Etiquettes in English to Express Thanks, Gratitude, and Responses to Sorry and Thanks
  • cLearning How to Prepare for the Job Interview, and Knowing the Do’s and Don’ts
  • dDesigning a Resume and a Covering Letter
  • eUnderstanding the Essence of English Grammar and Identifying Common Errors