CMAD™ Certification Process

The CMAD™ certification process has FIVE stages to it


Become a SQBA Primary Member/ User.

This will give you access to specialized information resources about CMAD™ and you can obtain special help from SQBA counselors.


Register for CMAD™.

This will enroll you for CMAD‌™ and you will receive a SQBA CMAD‌™ Voucher and all other relevant information about your training and assessments etc., through email. You will chose how do you wish to prepare and also your tentative examination dates. Your registration shall be complete only after receiving the SQBA fee, which can be paid through multiple methods.


Train & Prepare for the CMAD™ Certification Assessments.

External or classroom training is NOT a mandatory requirement for attaining a CMAD‌™. But you certainly have the option of self-study, or you can choose to train with a SQBA Academy nearest to you. Remember, you would have already made this choice during the Registration Step 2 above.


Take the CMAD‌™ Certification Assessments.

You can take the CMAD‌™ Certification Examination on the scheduled date and time – everything online! You can take the CMAD™ examination minimum after 15 days of registration and should complete your examination maximum within 1 year from the date of registration.


Certification Decision.

You are there now. If you qualify the CMAD™ examination, the Credential is awarded to you and a slick CMAD™ Credential Pack reaches you in within six to eight weeks.