Exam Coverage

Assessment Component


Describing Cloud Computing

  • aGrasping the Fundamentals, Developing Your Cloud Strategy
  • bDescribing Cloud Architecture
  • cUnderstanding Cloud Delivery Models: Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service, Platform as a Service
  • dKnowing Private and Public Clouds
  • eKnowing about Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • fKnowing Cloud Deployment Models
  • gLaying Down the Foundation for Hybrid Clouds
  • hUnderstanding Service-Oriented Architecture and Cloud
  • iCombing Cloud Delivery Models
  • jCombing Cloud Delivery Models
  • kUsing Cloud Storage

Common Clouds Available in the Market

  • aUnderstanding Google Cloud
  • bUnderstanding Amazon Cloud
  • cUnderstanding Microsoft Cloud
  • dCreating and Using Databases

Using the Cloud

  • aAccessing the Cloud
  • bRetrieving from Cloud
  • cKnowing Cloud and Mobile Platform

Programming for Different Clouds

  • aProgramming for Microsoft Cloud
  • bProgramming for Amazon Cloud
  • cProgramming for Google Cloud
  • dProgramming for Citrix and Cisco Clouds

Securing the Cloud

  • aUnderstanding Security Fundamentals for Cloud
  • bKnowing Challenges in Securing the Cloud
  • cUnderstanding the Security Architecture

Learning Language, Soft Skills, and Developing Recruitment Readiness

  • aKnowing the Role of Language and Impressive Personality in Career Development
  • bLearning Etiquettes in English to Express Thanks, Gratitude, and Responses to Sorry and Thanks
  • cLearning How to Prepare for the Job Interview, Knowing the Do’s and Don’ts
  • dDesigning a Resume and a Covering Letter
  • eUnderstanding the Essence of English Grammar and identifying Common Errors