About CCAD™ Program

The Cloud Computing Career

Cloud computing is a new paradigm whereby computing is delivered as a service over the Internet rather than as a product installed inside a company's premises. Many believe that firms will shortly no longer have to maintain IT assets such as servers, storage and software in-house. They will be able to rent these as and when required, sharply reducing expensive upfront investments in IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing its are in many ways, versatile individuals, adept in software programming, networking and databases with special expertise in the Cloud. Within the first 3-5 years of one’s career, growth can be to the position of senior developer and later to Architect.

CCAD™ qualified its exhibit rare & wide-ranging knowledge and skillsets required in the rapidly evolving space of cloud computing and cloud apps development. CCAD‌™ certified its are required to undertake a rigorous pre-certification study across 7 modules to gather skills and knowledge not only related to Cloud fundamentals and cloud apps development, but also on the latest industry trends in cloud computing, computer science fundamentals, team-work and customer-side of cloud-related services.

CCAD‌™ is awarded to individuals who successfully complete all the requirements as prescribed by the Software Qualifications Board of America. These requirements primarily include qualifying the multistage online CCAD‌™ examinations organized worldwide in various authorized BCI/SQBA centers on dates specified in the Assessments Calendar.