The SQBA Evolution SQBA is born out of a vision of more than three hundred senior IT recruiters, educators, technology developers, education regulators across the world to develop a whole new genre of vendor-neutral IT & software qualifications.

SQBA is effectively a precipitation of ideas of more than three hundred senior IT recruiters, educators, technology developers, education regulators and technopreneurs across Asia, Africa and Latin America, who have been interacting with the BPO Certification Institute (BCI) on issues related to IT and BPO talent development for a rapidly disrupting and fragmenting global IT industry.

Looking back, the real work on developing a seminally different IT qualification framework, which would be Platform Independent and Vendor Neutral began in mid-2008 under an independent Software Engineering Certifications Committee (SECC) - drafted by the BCI Executive Board. This framework got its first version unveiled internally in April 2009, and by September 2010, after three more rigorous revisions, the Board approved for the development of certification programs based on this framework, and the formation of SQBA. The BCI Board of Advisors recommended for upgrading the status of SECC into SEQB – the Software Engineering and Quality Board - in late 2009. By early 2010, it was clear that SEQB had to be given its own wings to fly and take the idea to a new height. – and a full-blown credentialing body – the Software Engineering and Quality Institute would be formed by the third quarter of 2010.

By February 2011, the SEQB, under the mandate of the new SQBA Executive Board, had commissioned initiatives on content development, assessment systems research and certification product development simultaneously under collaboration with leading global publishers, content developers and learning & assessment experts. Efforts were even made to commission the training content for SQBA certifications under an established global brand, but owing to reasons of costs and affordability, the SEQB had to decide to promote its own international brand and commission a greenfield knowledgeware project. By July 2013, SEQB had frozen nine IT certification programs for market offer and the preparation had to commence for taking them to market.

Earlier, by the end of 2012, SQBA also commenced the process of joining CredForce, which would de-burden SQBA of all operational processes and activities, help expand its partner network, and also enable it leverage the resources and network advantages of other CredForce members like BCI.