About SQBA Boned around vendor neutrality and platform independence, the SQBA IT certifications are the world’s most rigorous 3rd party qualifications for software professionals to earn if they desire to prove their promise and potential for the most challenging of software programming, design and development assignments in top tech stables.

The SQBA credentialing system for IT professionals aims at nurturing an elite league of global IT professionals who are agile and versatile across platforms and remain in step with changing technologies. We are rapidly emerging as the most powerful innovation in recent times on redefining the paradigms of evaluating and certifying skills, competence, employability and deployability of workforce and professionals working on convergent and disruptive information technologies. The SQBA-credentialed professionals are the top-end breed of well-trained international software geeks tested-proficient on stringent vendor-neutral and platform-independent knowledge standards for advanced action-domains of contemporary information technology & software industry.

The SQBA accent on core generics of programming and computer science is game-changing for IT recruiters and fresh technology and software engineering graduates worldwide, because SQBA certified fresh talents are versatile and, with minimal additional training, they can be deployed across platforms, increasing their hiring and resource-value for recruiters. Not to be undermined, SQBA training partners and SQBA pre- certification learning systems deliver education and training designed around the SQBA approach of Platform Independence and Vendor Neutrality. These training programs focus on building, refreshing, enriching and re-engineering skillsets of IT professionals for increased cross-platform versatility and agility in their skillsets. We offer the world’s first and widest range of platform-neutral certifications for aspiring and working IT professionals in Cloud computing, Mobile & Web applications development and software engineering.